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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What Is Search Engine marketing (SEM)

SEM or Search Engine Marketing (SEO Marketing) is a type of internet marketing that involves the promotion of various web pages by the increasing of their visibility in the search engine result pages by the help of the paid advertising. SEM may incorporate the search engine optimization that either adjusts or rewrites the content of the website and the architecture of the suite for achieving a higher ranking in the result page of the search engine to enhance PPC or pay per click listing. SEO marketing is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Many people are becoming interested in SEO marketing, and for this reason, we have decided to come up with brief information about the SEO marketing.

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SEO Marketing Important Facts


There are abundant of misinformation in the world of online marketing, and it gets complicated by the rapid evolving as well as the incredibly dynamic world. Most of the things you know about SEO marketing might have changed by now. Here are few things that you should be aware if you are interested in doing SEO marketing. These are the myths of the world of Search Engine Optimization world.


Myth 1: the Meta tag descriptions help the ranking of your website

Well not anymore, in fact, the Meta tags are no longer indexed by Google and Bing, but you should not ignore them. This is because when you are searching on the search engine, the Meta tags are the text that is shown along with the link of the search results-and a more convincing description will compel a possible customer to click on your listing instead of the other ones available.


Myth 2: The more is number of inbound links, the better it is

Well, this is false. In all the new updates to the algorithm of Google, the search giant has made it a number one priority to have more quality than quantity. The days are gone where adding thousands of super low-quality links have enhanced the ranking of the page. Even, if you create those links, then it will look spammy and hence, your site will be penalized. It is necessary for you to focus more on the sites that are relevant to your products and services.


Myth 3: PageRank matters

In the previous years, the one thing that dominated the attention of the SEO experts is Google’s infamous PageRank. The bigger the number is on a scale of 1 to 10 the higher is the rank. However, these days, the algorithm of Google has been evolved. Now, the factor that matters the most is the context and the relevance. Though PageRank still exists nothing can beat the quality of a good and compelling content over anything else.


Myth 4: Google prefers keyword rich domain

In the past years, Google put a disproportionate amount of importance on the keywords but not anymore. For this reason, while construction your site you should give importance to the quality of keywords, not the quality.

These are the few myths that people are not aware of and for this reason; they do not get an expected result from SEO marketing.